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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


While seeing any stranger the first question in our mind comes that how to behave with them?? So we will discuss about it later first let me remind you that the universal rule of this world is, “ TWO OPPOSITE THINGS ATTRACT EACH OTHER FASTER THAN THE SIMILAR ONE”.
Ok, lets start with behavior while seeing any stranger we sometimes are unable to decide that what to say to him/her. So to start the conversation let’s start with your favorite things like what you like? what you think ? etc. Smile can be the good beginning of your conversation. Pick out any idea according to the situation and let your conversation going on. Don’t break the topic stretch it as much as you can and you will go on.  While conversation, just keep one thing in mind that always try to share new topic or ideas to let your conversation going on. If you are two different people then it will be very good for you in the future because as time passes away it will make strong bonds between you, but if you are similar then it can be quite easy to maintain the strong bonds between you and other person.

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